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Rebecca Rogers

makeup artist

Rebecca Rogers

Louisville, KY

There is no such thing as natural beauty.-Truvy

Since I was a young girl I have always been fascinated by the beauty industry. The way a person looks can determine how they feel, if they get the job, or if they stand out in a crowd. The right look is powerful.

Although I live in Kentucky and there is a lot of farm country around, I feel it is important to look your best. In Louisville we have a growing fashion awareness and I intend to be right in the middle of it. Makeup is my passion. I love to see the change in a woman's personality when they know how good they look. I love how makeup can give you extra confidence, empower you, and turn you into a goddess.
My goal as a Professional Makeup Artist is to help as many women as possible find there own beauty.


I offer a wide range of services for any age or occasion.

Bridal Services include:
Bride, Bridal Party, and Mother of the bride/groom pre-wedding consult
Bride, Bridal Party, and Mother of the bride/groom day of full application
Full day services for the day of the wedding for extra fees

Makeup training and consult for "everyday" looks and day to evening transition

Night on the town/Special Event Makeup

Stage Makeup

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