Sarah MacGowan

professional organizer

Sarah MacGowan
London, ON

DONE Professional Organizing:
Declutter, Organize, Neatify and Equip

DONE Professional Organizing is a company dedicated to meeting all your organizational needs. Our vision is to help you live free from unnecessary chaos and stress, while saving you time and money. We work with you to transform your spaces. DONE equips you with the necessary tools to keep your spaces decluttered, organized and neat for life.

As a young child I loved organizing and helping others. These traits have followed me into adulthood. Often an intended coffee at a friend's house quickly became an organizing extravaganza that left us feeling energized and full of satisfaction as we admired the transformed spaces.

I am a certified Advanced Professional Organizer through QC Design School with a university degree in fine art and science, confirming my passion for beauty, creativity and order. As a former elementary school teacher and now a mother of two boys, I'm putting my organizational and creative skills to work.

With over 10 years of organizing experience in residential and commercial settings, a recent highlight involved transforming a cluttered school stock room with years of accumulated items into a spacious and functioning room that teachers now enjoy.


A friendly, polite, honest, attentive and energetic Professional Organizer who welcomes organizational challenges within residential, commercial, downsizing seniors and estate liquidation settings.

Services include:

Onsite consultations
Organizing: sort, declutter, clean, stage, recycle, dispose
Customized organizational systems
Space planning/Interior redesign
Paper and information management
Coordinated junk removal services
Green recycling options
Equipping clients for continued organization

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"We all have that "good intentions" organization project that we'll get around to but it's that same project that sits there for months!  Calling Sarah in was the push I needed to get it done. Sarah is quick, efficient, hard working, and really takes the time to make your space usable again. She worked with me to help purge what needed to go, group and organize what needed to stay, and help me to maximize my work space. And the best part is that months later, my office still looks clean and organized. Thank you Sarah!"

Frank Emanuele

"Sarah set me free from my own house. For the last six years I wanted to move as I felt my home was too small. But Sarah came into my home and started to give me tips on organizing and doing my closets and getting rid of stuff that I didn't need. I felt so free and unburdened after she was done organizing my home. And I now do not want to move, but instead love my home and the new space that has been created by Sarah's tender loving touch."

Karen Viaene

"Sarah came into my classroom to help me organize some of my spaces. Her ideas were innovative and she helped me manage each space more efficiently. Sarah herself is highly motivated, efficient, and professional. I would highly recommend her for your home or business!"

Kari McDonald

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