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Betsy Waldo

home stager

Betsy Waldo

Devils Lake, ND

Truly Yours

Hi, my name is Betsy. I am a Home Stager and Redesigner. As a home stager I will come into your home and help you evaluate the things that need to be fixed and better arranged to catch the eye of a potential buyer so you can quickly sell your home.

If you are looking for a quick inexpensive change to your home or a room in your home I would come in and help you redesign the room using existing furniture and decorations from your home.

I am a gifted organizer, designer and have found helping people to be my passion in life. I am a Certified Home Stager and Redesigner through the QC Design School.
I have gone into many different homes and have helped organize an area of the house and then have redesigned the space and given different tips they can use once I've left. I've also repurposed many pieces of furniture to make it better fit the space once we've redesigned it.
I have staged a few rooms and fully staged a couple houses.


My home staging service offers lots of different possibilities for the homeowner. I would come to your home and take a walk around the outside and inside determining things that need to be fixed and things that need to be put away that might turn off the potential buyer. I would come in with a check list and evaluation form that I would then give the seller to have on hand as he went through and made some changes and updates. Services I offer with the staging is recommendations of different home services in the area that could come in and help the seller; if the seller doesn't have time to finish up some of the impending projects like, painting, impersonalizing, yard clean up, and furniture rearrangement, I would come in and help finish up the projects.

As a redesigner I will come into your home and help you redo a room. I'll come with paint color swatches if they decide they want to repaint, we can pick out a color together that will best suit the look of the new room. I'll find out from the home owner what their vision is for the room and help make it come true using pieces they already have in their home. I'll talk about a budget the owner wants to put on the room for paint and possible new shades and a few decorations that will add to the room.