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Heidi Ploder

Heidi Ploder

home stager, interior redesigner

Heidi Ploder

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Home Decorating and Staging – on Your budget!

My name is Heidi Ploder and I come from Iceland. My husband is American and for the past eight years we've lived in the United States.
Last year we moved back to Iceland and this summer, July 4th 2015 I started a staging / redecorating business with my best friend Tullia, our dream for many years :)

We named our business "Blúndur í Bomsum". Not easily translated to English but it reflects our work perfectly - a mix of elegance and rugged earthy chic!

Decorating has always been my joy and I especially like creating personal spaces with things people already have and, if needed, finding additional items at antique stores, second hand shops or even at flea markets. You’ll be surprised how a little goes a long way and a non functional room can be transformed into a beautiful, well organized space that fits your personal taste and lifestyle.

Exploring different countries and getting to know their cultures is one of my interests. Besides Iceland and the USA, I’ve lived in Denmark and Austria and with my frequent moving I very quickly learned the value of being organized. I staged my own homes before I put them on the market and experienced the true value of staging.

I’m a certified teacher and taught in Iceland for many years but after moving to the States I was ready to do something different. I started translating books and articles, opened an online shop with handmade and vintage things and cleaned houses. But I really missed working with people, so when I heard about QC Design School and read about their Home Staging and Interior Redesign course, I knew this was what I wanted to do.


Interior Redesign
Interior Redesign is decorating using furniture and accessories you already have in your home. Finding a new appreciation of your things by repositioning and/or repurposing them; imagining how it can be, rather than how it currently is. By using basic design principles while keeping your functional needs and personal lifestyle in mind you will surely see and experience your space in a whole new way. Redesign is an inexpensive approach and can be viewed as “green” decorating since you are “recycling” your existing belongings.

Design on your terms!
Have a room in your home that’s challenging, problems with your work space or maybe you’re just looking for a fresh new look?
I can help you create a beautiful and functional space that reflects your own personal taste. By rearranging your own furniture and accessories and using practical, inexpensive design solutions I can transform a room in a short period of time. If additional items are needed I’m happy to be your personal shopper and find you the perfect thing, on your budget.

Decorate your Special Day!
Having a Birthday Party, Barbecue, Baby Shower or just a get together with Friends and Family? Let me help you decorate your special day.
By working mainly with things you already have in your home and using simple design ideas I can decorate your special day in a budget-friendly way. You’ll be surprised how a fresh eye with a different perspective can see decorative potential in basic household items and accessories.

Home Staging
Home Staging is basically preparing a home for sale to attract a broader range of buyers, not designing a personal living space. The purpose is to highlight your home’s strong points and make it stand out from comparable homes that have not been similarly prepared for sale. It’s important to create a great first impression, a beautiful, clean and clutter free home where potential buyers can visualize themselves living. Professionally staged homes are proven to get better offers and sell faster.
To better suit your personal circumstances, I offer four different types of Home Staging:

Option 1 – Walk Through & Consultation
Home Staging begins with a walk through of your property’s interior and exterior, resulting in a written report identifying any problem areas and making recommendations on what would be beneficial to maximize your home’s potential. I will sit down with you and discuss the report and answer any questions you may have about the staging process.

Option 2 – Walk Through, Consultation & Interior Redesign for Resale
After the walk through & consultation you might find items in your report recommended to be completed before putting your home up for sale, such as painting, de-cluttering, de-personalization and reorganizing. If you choose to take care of those projects yourself, I will provide the Interior Resale Redesign. By using your existing furniture and accessories I will give your home the polished look of a professionally staged home.
If additional items are needed to better emphasize your home’s strong features, I’m happy to find you great bargains and/or coordinate rental options.

Option 3 - Complete Home Staging
If you choose to have a professional take care of the entire Home Staging process this would be a good option. In addition to the walk through & consultation w/ report, this service involves completion of any recommended improvement projects both interior and exterior. If professional trades are required I will coordinate them on your behalf.
For the Interior Resale Redesign process I will use as much of your own furniture and décor as possible but if different pieces are needed to maximize your home’s strong points, I’m happy to be your “personal shopper” and/or coordinate rental options.

Option 4 – Vacant Home Staging
Vacant homes are often more challenging to sell. People find them cold and uninviting and have difficulty visualizing themselves living there. Whether you choose to stage every room or just a few vital areas, it will have a huge impact on your home’s desirability.
After a walk through of your property followed by a written report we will discuss your options. You might have some furniture and accessories that can be used for the Resale Redesign process, but if additional items need to be brought into the home I will facilitate that for you either through coordinating rental options or finding great bargains within your budget.