makeup artist

Quincy, MA

Beauty is my passion, I love to transform the lives of people, and emphasize their natural beauty.

When I was a child, I was obsessed to play with my mother's clothes and I even used her make up secretly. I decided to follow my dream. I studied Fashion Design in Colombia and two years later I came to live in the USA, where I pursued my studies in Fashion Design in Boston, MA.

My passion for fashion and the beauty industry increased deeply. I met beautiful people in the fashion industry. This motivated me to continue my education. After I graduated as a Fashion Designer, I pursued my education as an Esthetician. I obtained my Esthetician License, and my Makeup Certificate. Years later, I got a Certification for Clinical Oncology Esthetics.

True beauty is not your makeup or skin type, its the inside out of our self light that reflects the real beauty from your heart to your beautiful face. You should be authentic and self-confident.

I believe beauty comes from inside of ourselves. Once you start loving yourself, you become beautiful. All women are beautiful by nature.

Last year, I graduated in nursing school because my goal is to help the clients to get balance inside out. We can’t look beautiful if we eat unhealthy foods. Bad eating habits reflect in your skin. The fact is that we need to know what kind of make up products we use on our face, and also learn how to protect our skin from the environment.

I have experience with make-up since I was fifteen years old. I love to mix shadow colors, lipsticks and mascaras on people’s faces and transform their looks.

I am a freelance Makeup Artist; I can make people look beautiful for any kind of event.I like to use new makeup techniques such as Airbrush Makeup ,Reconstructive & Corrective Makeup for people with cancer and burned skin. Makeup is a power tool to transform people’s lives, at the same time bring happiness in their lives.


Special Occasion
Basic Makeup Lessons
Daytime and Evening Makeup
Makeup for Senior Portraits
Teen Makeup

Bilingual (English-Spanish)

*Prices upon request.


The student is cheerful, making the process easier and never boring, i like the results and the makeup kit and tools were of high quality.

Maria Paola,NY

I was satisfied with the result of the makeup applied .She put a lot of cream in my skin, my makeup looks very natural and with nice shine .It was my first makeup.


For a busy person this makeup session takes quite a long time, for this reason i can't makeup every day . Natural Makeup for someone who doesn't wear makeup all the time should take less time.The makeup Artist used the best products for my skin type.