Miranda Facer

event planner, wedding planner

Miranda Facer

I will be your PA for a day to remove all your stresses and worries away

Hello my name Is Miranda, I am currently undertaking a course to qualify me with all the infomation and education and knowledge I require to ensure that I can plan and arrange an Event or a Wedding. My passion in life is to make others smile and removing all stresses so all can enjoy.

I am a single mum and currently work part time. i have never found a job with job satisfaction one that no matter what i would love to get up to every day, that was until i started looking into event planning and wedding Planning.it was like a light had been switched on and i had so many ideas about how i would make every persons day so special they would never forget it. I have completed various college courses ,hairdressing,customer service and a few others. i definatley strive on stressfull busy situations and always work to the highest standards in whatever. I have had experience in birthday parties for family members and helping with events throughout my local church, but nothing to this scale i am very excited and full of energy to make that special day so special that you will never forget it and neither will others. i have always been fascinated with what event coordinators can do.


Event planning

I will meet with the client take notes of all their requirements of the event and then compile an agreed copy of what is expected from decorations to food to entertainment and so on.

Options available are as follows:

1) Basic
Speaking with clients and completing last minute courtesy calls to all parties involved in the preparation of the event. Attending the event on the day to control any incidents or mishaps

2 Advanced
Meeting with the clients to discuss what their requirements are
Speaking to arranging and booking all set professionals needed for the day
Producing invites / emails and constant updates to reassure client of the on goings.
Attendance on the day to handle anything that is requested of me

Wedding planning

To start with there will be a meeting held with long lengthy discussions about what is expected of the day such as dates times and guests, decorations and food once this has been discussed within two weeks the bride and groom will receive a package with the ideas drawn up into a plan for the day with everything included for them to browse over then if all is ok it shall be booked if there are queries further meeting will take place until all the clients are happy.
Options available
1) Basic

This will involve very little interaction with the build up to the events this will allow me to clarify everything is set in place with all parties for the event to take place and run smoothly. Attending the wedding on the day for the sole purpose of the bride.

2) Advanced

I will take the role of the person that books all the appointments that need to take place for instance the visit to the function room , bridal dress shopping, florists, caterer and at times when needed will attend the appointments with the bride.
Regular updates by phone and emails
Save the dates and wedding invites designed, distributed and record kept for acceptances
Decorating of the hall
Attendance on the day of the wedding from 7am till end, ensuring everything runs according to the plan set out
Transportation arranged for the guests at the end of the night

Overseas wedding

All arrangements arranged and confirmed to the bride and groom
Transport to the airport and returned home after the honeymoon
Arrangements made whilst the couple are away for their reception and blessing if this is requested or required