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Kamila Kowalska

makeup artist

Kamila Kowalska


Have all your make up dreams come true with KamDrew make up experts.

I am a free-lance mobile makeup artist who is able to provide makeup services for weddings, christenings, evenings, birthdays, hen-parties and Christmas parties, photoshoots & male makeup. I have an extensive range of makeup products for all occasions.

My skills have been gained from writing makeup tutorials for an international publication, running makeup workshops for a cosmetic company, & having my own makeover business. My skills are further enhanced by my Art Degree & working in a beauty salon for a number of years.

I am interested in fashion, art and makeup and I follow new trends in fashion & the makeup world.
My remit includes wedding makeup & regular makeup tutorials for an international publication.
Using appropriate makeup I want to enhance natural beauty. My goal is to make everyone feel good and confident about themselves and appreciate what they’ve got, because everyone is unique. Makeup shows many sides of a personality and is all about expressing ones individuality.


• Makeovers: 1-2 makeups per session, plus photoshoot with a professional photographer.
• Makeup for Portrait, Glamour, Bridal, Family Photoshoot (with a professional photographer).
• All photoshoots are done in your own place/home. No travel time or costs to consider and at a time that suits you.

• All photos in colour/black &white including re-touch.

• High resolution photos on a CD.

• Can produce albums – portfolios and framed pictures.

• Gift vouchers are available.