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Alexandra Holevas

event planner, wedding planner

Alexandra Holevas

Seminole, FL

Professional. Detailed. Perfect.

My name is Alexandra Holevas, and I am working on receiving my Event and Wedding Planning Certificate. I am currently employed as a host at The Village Inn Restaurants. My personal goal approach is to become a professional event and wedding planner.

I am from Wisconsin, and currently living in Florida. I am Greek, Norwegian, and German. I graduated from F.J. Turner High School in Beloit, Wisconsin in 2011. I have experience as an interior and exterior painter and graphic designing.


The services that I offer are wedding, corporate and private events. They work to be professional, detailed, and perfect for any occasion to be planned. They include being original, creative, and affordable. I am willing to work in surrounding cities, states, and even countries to offer my services and business.