Sabrina Drouillard

event planner, wedding planner

Sabrina Drouillard
Lancaster, PA

Creating memorable events, with superior service.

Decora Wedding and Event Planning is owned and operated by Sabrina J. Drouillard. Sabrina was born and raised in Lancaster Pennsylvania, and was married in 1998 to her husband Rich. Together they have two daughters, Savannah and Sierra. Decora offers full service wedding and event planning, as well as day of coordinating. Decora is a hands on planning and coordinating service. Our goal is to make your event stress free, so you can enjoy every minute. We get involved in every detail to make sure that your event is amazing and flawless.

Growing up, Sabrina was always a creative person. She loved coloring and drawing, as well as decorating, and keeping things in order. Whenever there was a family party, she was always asked to help decorate and put the details together. Sabrina graduated from Penn Manor High School in 1999. After graduation, she spent a lot of her time in child care, where she could let her creativity and desire to help others flourish. More recently, Sabrina has spent her time in an administrative roll, where she has learned to be task oriented, organized, goal driven, and worked on expanding her interpersonal skills. In 2011, Sabrina and her husband Rich renewed their vowels. It sparked a creative fire in Sabrina that she could not put out. While planning the ceremony and putting all the details together, she had a thought. What could possibly be better than doing this all the time? What could be better than helping other people achieve their ultimate wedding or event goals? NOTHING! So she set out on a journey to find a school where she get certified to be a wedding and event planner. Sabrina just completed her certification program with QC Event School in May 2013. She is excited, and ready to plan your next event!


Decora is a smaller company, which means more personal attention, and attention to every detail. We offer full service wedding and event planning, as well as day of coordinating. Decora is located in Lancaster Pennsylvania, and we serve central Pa, as well as the surrounding areas, such as Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Washington DC, Baltimore, New York, and pretty much everything in between. At Decora we will plan or coordinate proposals, engagements, weddings, private parties, corporate events, banquets, teas, bar and ba mitzvas, church events, and retreats. The first step in process is to schedule a free consultation. This is where we will figure out what kind of party you are looking to plan, services that you are interested in, brainstorm ideas, and set a plan into action. If you are interested in full service planning this would mean that we would be there with you from start to finish. We would start with your concept, mold it into something beautiful, and finish it off with a bang. If you are interested in day of coordinating, we would meet prior to your event, go over details, and then we would show up the day of the event. There we would make sure that every detail is perfect and the event is flawless. Contact Sabrina to schedule your free consultation and to have all your questions answered.