Paula Cano

event planner

Paula Cano
Manassas, VA

Offering creative and resourceful event planning

Focuses on planning, coordinating and executing fundraising events to benefit local, national and global causes.
Our team of dedicated planners and volunteers work relentlessly to organize meaningful, creative events, that help the community and local business make a difference while they network and advertise their business.

To use our talents for the greater good.
To provide communities with the opportunity to make a difference and get their business involved with finding solutions to increasing social problems.
In an effort to change our mindset from consuming and buying goods just for our own enjoyment, to give purpose to our hard earned dollars.

We specialize in Fundraising events and campaigns. Partering with charities and local busniesses to raise money for the pressing issues of our time.

Lets save lives together, while enjoying good food and each other's company.


*Connecting donors with charities.
*Planning fundraisers of all sizes, for businesses, individuals, communities and organizations.
*Setting budget and fundraising campaign.
*Recruiting volunteers.
*Raising donations for auctions / food / entertainement / prices / booth spaces / signage, etc.
*Organizing marketting plan.
*Setting up donation accounts, keeping track of donation goals.
*Coordinating day of vendors and staff.
*Creating follow up donor incentives.