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Jennifer Tetteh

makeup artist

"Transforming you into a walking success"

My name is Jennifer and i am a makeup artist as well as a Mary Kay consultant. I am passionate about skincare first and foremost because it obviously makes makeup look nicer, natural and easy to apply. I do not only apply makeup but i also sell and give advice where necessary.The main focus of my business as i have already mentioned is skincare and being able to achieve that flawless look that every girl wants without having to put in too much effort and time.

I have been a Mary Kay consultant for about three years, prior to that i was working in an investment bank and at an insurance company. My degree is in financial services which has nothing to do with makeup artistry. I developed the passion for skincare and makeup when i joined Mary Kay and haven't looked back since.


The services i provide is mainly in the area of skincare consultations where i advice clients on what products to use based on their skin type. I then go on to choose the right color shades for their makeup which i sell to them.

I also do bridal, tv and general makeup bookings