Angelica Santiago

makeup artist

Angelic Makeup Designs

Hello, my name is Angelica Santiago. I am a Managing Cosmetology grad of the Aveda Brown Institute. As of right now im working as a hair stylist full time but I also have a huge interest in the art of makeup. I take inspiration from everything that I see and also many other makeup artist. I love to make everyone of my clients as beautiful as possible.

As a hairstylist I provide a service that helps everyone's self esteem and personal confidence be as high as it possibly can be. Isn't your day better when you have great hair? I personally think so. And so that goes for great makeup too. How every small or great the amount of makeup you apply on your face you want it to make your appearance seem flawless. So that's my mission to make everyone feel and look flawless.


My services include Bridal Makeup, Special Events i.e Birthdays, Graduation pictures, Baby showers etc. Also, photo shoots and movies.