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Ewelina Rostant

interior decorator

Ewelina Rostant

Hoboken, NJ
908- 500-8766

Designed for you to fit.

LMD focuses on the new home owner that wants a professionally decorated space, within a budget that works for them. With the layout created, we will provide the client with a list of items that can be purchased from their local furniture stores in their area. This will allow them to purchase the items in stages to accommodate budgets, as well as support the local economy in their region. All of the collaboration and discussions can be done via the internet, which allows for us to work with clients across the country.

Hello, my name is Ewelina Rostant and I'm the creator of LMD as a solution for new home and condo owners in helping them make the right selection in furnishing their new living space. Upon graduating from York University's Kinesiology Program with a Bachelor of Science, I have had the benefit of working with many patients with varying degrees of bodily trauma where I was instrumental in their rehabilitation programs to bring their bodies back to full mobility. As such, I have been able to observe and study the human body and how it interacts with its environment. My educational background, coupled with my previous work experience allows me to bring a new method to designing an interior space to be both functional, and ergonomically beneficial to the owners. This experience, coupled with my love of design, allows me to use all of my resources to create a space works with the needs of the client.


Living Matrix Designs (LMD) has been created in order to help new and existing home owners to furnish their units according to their specific tastes and preferences. The client will be able to provide LMD with the floor plan of their unit and LMD will build a 3D layout. This layout will consist of the client preferred colour scheme, a recommended furniture layout for best use of space, and recommendation for furniture and interior decorating accessories selection with a link to a vendor within the area. The layout will be provided to the client within a predetermined amount of time to ensure prompt service.