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Ann Marie Cariaga

event planner, wedding planner

Good Times Event Planning: Because YOU deserve to have a good time at your event.

When you look back at past events, there are some things you should and should not have to remember. Stress, panic, confusion, and helplessness are not what should come to mind. Good Times Event Planning will ensure that the important memories are what you will think of most: the smiles, laughter, music, dancing, celebration, surprises, people, and the realization that you had an unforgettable time at your own event. Whether it be a small, intimate gathering, or a large, corporate event, Good Times Event Planning will cater to you in order to make sure you are as stress-free as possible the day of your big event. We will make sure that you are out there having the time of your life-hey, it’s your party, after all! It is our duty to be sure that each of your guests leave with a smile on their face, memories in their minds, and the urge to talk about your event long after it is over. From then on, whenever you hear “Remember that time when...?” you will know they will be talking about YOUR event.

After going to school for science and working in a lab that specializes in cancer research and diagnosis, I decided it was time to help people in a different way. Planning events has always been something I have done in the past, but never thought to make a career out of. Whether it be planning events and shows in college, to hosting birthday parties and making party favors for friends and family, I was always involved in some way with the preparation process. I finally realized why I loved volunteering for such events so much: I loved to make people happy, and I loved to make people smile. I loved looking around and seeing my family and friends smiling and laughing, because it honestly put things into perspective for me at that moment, and made me appreciate everything a little bit more. I still have those moments whenever I host or plan something for others or even for myself, and I now want to help people create those moments for themselves and their guests at their events. Happiness should be shared and passed on, never kept or wasted.


Upon completion of this QC Career School course, Good Times Event Planning will be available to those who need an event or wedding planner.
Events include but are not limited to:

Birthdays, Sweet 16’s
Corporate events/holiday parties
Themed parties, house parties
Milestone events: graduation, retirement
Weddings, engagement parties
If there is a particular request you or your clients may have, feel free to inquire.

Services provided will include, but not be limited to:
Booking & researching venues
Booking entertainment such as: DJs, dance instructors, choreographers
Planning out decorations, party favors, invitations,
Booking photographers/videographers
If there is a particular request you or your clients may have, feel free to inquire.

Good Times Event Planning will be available to those primarily in the New York/New Jersey area. If you are outside of this regain, please do not hesitate to inquire, as services may still be available to you, if you are within a reasonable distance.