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Melina Ianni

professional organizer

Melina Ianni

Russell, ON

Guidance to a better organized space! Less clutter, less stress!

I am a Professional home and office organizer that loves to help people create a space that they feel more comfortable in. I believe in coming up with creative ways to organize without having to spend more than need be and simplifying the organizing process to give you more time in your everyday life. I truly enjoy finding new ways to create space, and decrease clutter, which in turn causes a positive effect of relieving stress

No space is too cluttered or big to tackle.

I have four college diploma's; Massage Therapy, Occupational Therapy Aide, Small Engine Repair, and Professional Organizer and I've put many hours into volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Society. In each and every job or career I have tackled, organizing has been a KEY role in making things run smoothly and keep the stress levels down. I now want to help other people feel and understand the benefits and how easy organizing your space can be.


Home Organizing: (Closets, Rooms, Garage, Storage space, Home office, Entire home)
Office Organizing: (Inventory, Files, Rooms, Storage space, Entire office)

What will I help you with?
- I will help you create space where you didn't think extra space was possible.
- Give you alternatives and idea's that you may not have thought of.
- Help you sort and identify your items, and then re-organize your space.
- Help with packing or unpacking.

By showing you how easy organizing can be after you have the right tools, it will help with stress levels, it will give you more time to enjoy your hobbies, and spend more time with family.

Serving in and around Russell-Prescott Area, and Ottawa Area.