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Remond Exuma

wedding planner

Remond's Elegant Arrangements

Ever since I was five years old I had a strong passion for weddings. Instead of watching “Blue’s Clues” or “Rugrats” I would watch the channel TLC every morning during the summer waiting for my favorite shows “A wedding story” and “Who wedding is it anyways?” to come on. As I got older my passion grew stronger as I attended weddings. The weddings I attend the most are Jehovah Witness weddings. As a baptized sister I prefer Jehovah Witness weddings. At a Jehovah Witness wedding I often realized that there is usually one person the bride and groom selects in order to be in charge the day of the wedding. This person is usually responsible and mature but knows nothing about weddings. This is where I come in. My job as a wedding planner is to plan, coordinate, counsel, direct, console, and most importantly make all your dreams a reality. A wedding is stressful however it is my job to solve all the problems that will trouble you. So let me guide you into this wonderful journey that you will never forget!

I am a certified wedding planner. I obtained my certification at QC Event School. QC Event School has been in operation for over 25 years, and hold an A+ standing with the Better Business Bureau, proving its commitment to high standards for course content and student support. Therefore, I am highly qualified and prepared to guide you and your significant other through the process of planning a wedding.


-discuss the major elements of planning a wedding.
- Offer personalized folders that contain helpful tools such as budget sheets and lists of local vendors.

Planning and Preparation
- Find clients vendors and services.
-Handle the details of coordinating the ceremony, the reception, and other wedding related events.

Day-of- Services
-Give directions, problem-solve, and lend a hand on the day of the wedding.

Complete wedding planning services
- Plan and coordinate all details and events prior to the wedding. This includes planning the ceremony, the reception, and any other prewedding events such as showers or dinners.
- Provide day-of-services during all wedding-relating events.
- Assist with any post-wedding tasks such as thank you notes and honeymoon plans.