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Stephanie Thomas MIMP™

makeup artist

Stephanie Thomas MIMP™

Kimmell, IN

Glamorous Addiction

Hello! My name is Stephanie Thomas and I am a Master International Makeup Professional. My whole life I have been very interested in doing makeup. I love the freedom makeup offers; being able to create a very natural flawless look to transforming into a character you would see in a movie. The endless amounts of techniques, colors, and possibilities has really intrigued me. My interest over the years has turned into a passion and I could not see myself doing anything else as my career. My favorite makeup applications to do are more edgy styles such as runway and glamorous looks with my own sinister twist. I love to make women feel sexy and fierce; anything to put that extra bounce in their step. I have been having a blast learning the techniques that the professionals I have always idolized use. My dream is to become a makeup artist specializing in edgy and gothic makeup, particularly for recording artists', fashion, and photography.

I have been a licensed cosmetologist since graduating from Rudae's School of Beauty Culture in January 2010. During my experience in the cosmetology program, I had realized my true passion for fashion and beauty was not in styling and coloring hair, it was however makeup that truly grabbed my attention. Since graduating and doing hair for awhile I have realized that makeup is what I am truly passionate about. I am excited to grow as an artist and build up my skills and knowledge and add to the variety of looks that I am able to create.


I am currently an assistant makeup artist at The Red Stiletto salon in Fort Wayne, Indiana.