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Katie Johnson

event planner, wedding planner

Katie Johnson

Denver, CO

Let me turn your event into more then you dreamed, make your vision into reality, and create a memory that will last a lifetime.

My name is Katie and I am the owner of Events Eccellenza! My great love and passion is in planning an event. I enjoy the process from the very beginning with the goal and vision casting to seeing the event take place and watching it unfold into exactly what the business, organization or group had in mind.

Over the last several years I have planned and assisted in a variety of different functions ranging from Anniversary Celebrations, Church Graduation Banquets, Employee Holiday Parties, Employee Recognition and Corporate sponsored lunches.

I am currently involved with a non-profit Community Service Organization. I have had the pleasure of planning a Dinner/Banquet in honor of single-moms in the community. I also plan and organize Benefit Rides and Auctions.

Contact Me: katiec.johnson@yahoo.com


* Themed parties
* Weddings
* Engagement
* Birthday
* Retirement
* Corporate Events
* Holiday
* Fundraisers
* Banquets
* and more...


You're great at taking someone's vision and making it into a reality.

Andrea Avila - Denver, CO

Be the Gift is a Non Profit Service Organization that assists Single Moms with home repair. Katie has been our Event Coordinator since we began over 5 years ago. We are pleased with her work ethic and enjoy the process from the very beginning with the goal and vision casting to seeing the event take place and watching it unfold into exactly what we have in mind. Our biggest event of the year is our Annual Christmas Banquet. Each year, she transforms the room into a warm and beautiful place for us to honor our Single Moms. Katie is creative and gifted and time after time, we receive compliments about her event. Large events such as this can be a challenge yet she has a calm demeanor and skill in problem solving, handling stress and being able to not only communicate with the public and clients, but also has an ability to bring reconciliation and order to a sometimes difficult situation. When Katie plans our Business Lunches and Corporate Board Meetings, we are confident that all details will be taken care of. She is professional and diligent. In addition, she assists us in our Fundraising Event and Silent Auction.

Marilyn --- Be The Gift - Loveland, CO

I have known Katie Johnson for more than 20 years and have watched her grow and develop into a wonderful event planner. During the past several years, I have attended a variety of events such as regional Motorcycle Ride Fund Raisers, relay/marathon aid station site coordination, and an AMAZING annual Holiday Banquet for Single Moms which she beautifully plans, organizes and executes. Because of her involvement with non-profit organizations, she has a talent and ability to be extremely creative, and resourceful, stretching a minimal budget in miraculous ways. For the past six years I have been in the position of event coordinator for a large health care organization, Katie has always been willing to offer her assistance, no matter the capacity when at the events. During this past year, Katie actively volunteered her time to assist me at two large scale employee events including an anniversary celebration and a family movie event. At the anniversary celebration, Katie was beside me throughout the entire event. I was particularly impressed with Katie when the video event programs were delivered to the venue in an extremely disorganized state shortly before guests were due to arrive. She quickly and calmly took charge of getting them labeled, organized and ready for presentation at the event. After the event she offered some great suggestions on process improvements. At the family movie event for 2300 attendees, movie start times made it necessary to quickly move families through a tine event photo area which had the potential of turning chaotic. Katie was instrumental in making the process and flow work seamlessly.

Gaynel Tanner --- Engagement Coordinator - Fort Collins, CO