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Savannah Bohannon

event planner, wedding planner

Savannah Bohannon

Orlando, FL

Pinned Up Custom Events

*Off-The-Wall planners for Off-The-Wall events*

There's always those "what ifs" life, But why involve it in your once in a lifetime parties? The sky is the limit and my team can make that happen. From show stopping new years parties to sentimental wedding, nothing can stop us from creating the party you have always dreamed of

The mind is a powerful thing but the mentality of an individual is what sets the best from the average

Our mentality comes straight from the lovely ladies from the 1930s -pin up models.

These woman portrayed themselves as beautiful, Scandalous, determined, graceful, and not scared to push the envelope open; All to make an outcome the make jaws drop. we use this mentality to make your dreams come to life with memories that will last forever.


Event/ wedding coordination


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