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Karen Papanicolas

home stager, interior redesigner

Karen Papanicolas
Gaithersburg, MD

We'll make your home fantastic!

My passion is staging or redesigning spaces for your specific needs. I will work with your budget and do whatever possible to use items you already own to make your space fantastic. I will offer suggestions and I find people for any repairs that may be needed. We will be a team!

Many years of background study have brought me to where I am today. I've worked alongside stagers and property managers, contractors and subcontractors. I've staged and redesigned homes for a variety of clients in all walks of life.

Graduate of QC Design School


Home Staging and Redesign

Our employees talents:

Home Stager
Home Redesign Specialist
Curb Appeal


"Karen is brilliant!" She staged our home of over 25 years (and all the clutter is gone) to appeal to a broader range of buyers. She taught us to view this house as someone else's perspective home to help us with tucking away the memories. She taught us the memories are not gone as we can bring them out in our new home!


Karen came into our apartment and within a short time she transformed our living dining combo room to be cozy and a space we'd be proud to entertain anyone in.


Karen's home was beautifully designed (by her) to begin with. When she staged it for selling purposes it was positively gorgeous! It looked like a model home. You want your home to look like a model.....look no further than Karen!