Jessica Salinas

event planner, wedding planner

Jessica Salinas
Atlantic City, NJ

Let me do all the worrying and dirty work, you just worry about looking fabulous!

Hello,my name is Jessica Salinas and I am a highly skilled and trained Event and Wedding planner. Every event I plan I take as a personal project to make sure it's as perfect as can possibly be down to the slightest detail.

I literally grew up in a party environment, being raised in my grandmothers house; who loved to throw elaborate get together s for our family and close friends. Nothing made me happier then to be in the middle of all the chaos. At first I'd help with decorating and cooking and as I got older I started to help people dress for these functions as well as plan my own. I started with birthday parties for family and friends to engagement parties and then it leaked into my work environment where I would plan meetings and luncheons for executives along with planning and hosting large traffic events like Fashions Night Out and Market Week in the Fashion Industry. I did it all without training just passion and they were all complete successes this motivated me to look further and want to become a party planner.
I graduated from the fashion Industry with a diploma for Fashion Design, however it wasn't all I thought it would turn out to be, at least not yet. I wanted more so I did my research to help perfect my skills and possibly find my "perfect career path". I've always had a passion for clothes and party planning but I didn't know I could do it all in the same career till I found QC Career School, I enrolled and was trained to be a true event and wedding planner where I can utilize all of my skills and still love what I do.I put my heart into every event I plan, I treat them all as though they were my own in other words I walk in your shoes to understand what you want from the event, how you and your guest should feel after the event, nothing but fabulous.


As an Event and Wedding planner I can put together the simplest functions from a important luncheon meeting to the most elaborate functions like your wedding without a problem. Because of my background I know where and how to find you the best possible deals and venues and/or vendors to make sure your event takes off without a hitch. I have built and kept all my relationships with all the previous vendors I worked with when I worked in the fashion industry.I only look to extend that list to be able to bring you the best and the greatest variety of ideas and spots to host or just enjoy your moments. I know how much work and stress is involved in planning and I personally enjoy all the hard work I only aim to please and succeed, so let me do it for you and you just worry about being fabulous!