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Victoria Amelia Christian

event planner, wedding planner

Victoria  Amelia Christian


Planning and executing events with outstanding quality of service

Vacs Events is an Event Planning Company that provides a wide range of event planning services. We cater for events to meet the clients satisfaction.
Vacs Events will take the stress of planning and executing any event.Our aim is to help make
your event a true success,stress free and detail oriented.
We organize fun filled parties tailored to your budget and needs yet in a grand and elegant setting.

Vacs Event is owned by Victoria Amelia Christian (IEWP) who studied Institutional Management and also a caterer by profession.
After qualifying as a caterer when ever i catered for an event i found myself helping in the planning of the event be it a family wedding,parties,funerals and corporate event.
After helping in planning functions for years i finally decided to turn it into a business because i enjoy it.
As an organized and detail oriented person I am really particular about deadlines.
I was really happy when I enrolled at QC Career school because it gave me more ideas and knowledge about Events and Weddings.


The Services we offer are
1. Helping clients to look for venues
2.Decoration for events
3.Finding vendors like photographers, DJ's for music, for Invitation cards etc.
4.Catering Services
5.Rentals for events like table linens, plates, glasses etc
6.Waiter services

We plan and co-ordinate events like
1. Weddings
2.Themed Parties
3.Graduation Parties
4. Milestone Parties
5. Corporate Parties
6. End of year get together