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Jessica Pack

feng shui consultant

Jessica Pack

Round Rock, TX

Balance Your Life... Home, Body, Mind, Spirit

My name is Jessica Pack. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in Texas. I have incorporated Feng Shui services into my business since I work in and around so many families homes. I enjoy getting to know each and every family and found I was naturally acting as a counselor to many of my clients. I have many organization and life-balancing tips to add to your home whether you are looking to sell, buy or just freshen up! Feng Shui can be incorporated into anything in your life - Home, Relationship, Work, Spiritual, Nutrition, to name a few. If you are looking for a little motivation or some guidance please contact me today.

I have been extensively involved in families lives for years. I have sold hundreds of homes since 1999, first focusing on New Construction, then Residential Resale. I was first introduced to Feng Shui by a few of my clients looking for the perfect home site and floor plan. Some of them had hired a consultant. Years later, I have started my Real Estate business and enjoy helping families choose and select home sites to build on, purchase, and/or sell their existing homes. Feng Shui training has helped me hone my staging skills as typically buyers feel most at home in a comfortable, serene environment. I can also help guide you to the best address for your family!


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