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Nicole Glass

event planner, wedding planner

Nicole Glass

Poland, OH

Assisting my clients in creating events as unforgettable as a firework!!

Hi, my name is Nicole Glass, and I am 21 years old. I’m from Austintown, Ohio but I currently live in Poland. I’ve always dreamed of being a wedding and event planner. I had put it aside in my head time and time again, thinking it wasn’t a realistic career until one day I questioned why I thought it was so unrealistic. I had always loved going to parties and weddings, and whenever it came time for my family to have a celebration I always wanted to be the one planning it, decorating the house, and setting up tables and chairs. It was that day I decided that’s what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I’m so in love with what I do and couldn’t be happier that I listened to my heart that day. I know I’m young but my passion for what I do is so raw, I put one hundred percent of myself into every project, and I love being able to let my customers actually enjoy their weddings and celebrations instead of being stressed and worried about simple tasks that I can accomplish.

When I was ten years old I planned my first big event, my dad’s second wedding. It was an extremely small ceremony, but they were happy to let me help plan what details there were. There were a total of six people at the ceremony, and the reception consisted of going out to dinner at an expensive restaurant. I loved every moment of the process but I wished there had been more details to plan, and more for me to do.
That same year, my mother got engaged and her wedding was the following August. Her wedding was much more elaborate, and was a lot more fun to help plan, she even made me a bridesmaid. This time all the common elements of a wedding needed planned and I was there to help with all of them. They ended up deciding to have the ceremony and the reception in the country, where innovation was key. I learned a lot of ways to creatively take a common thing and turn it into a beautiful element for a wedding. A tennis court became a beautiful dance floor, and a normal garden with an altar became the altar. My mother and I went together to pick out her gown and when it needed some alterations her sister suggested and old friend to do them. She had given the dress to this friend three months before the wedding and she still hadn’t even touched it two weeks before the wedding. With good reason, my mom went and picked the dress up and decided to do the alterations herself. Some of my favorite memories with my mother are the two of us staying up way past midnight watching Pride and Prejudice and eating Reese’s’ peanut butter cups while she altered her gown and I sewed embellishments onto her veil. It's these kind of challenges that I handle well, without hesitation or panick that make me great at what I do, and these are all things I can do for all of my clients. My mother's wedding was a huge success and the day of the celebration everything went smooth and everyone had so much fun.
After that, I knew what I wanted to do, whether I thought it was a realistic option or not. Since then, I’ve planned several more family functions including a family reunion, three graduation parties, and several birthday parties. Now that I know my dream career can be a reality, I look forward to helping clients create their dreams and making them into a reality. With all the difficulty I faced, and creativity I developed helping my mother plan her wedding and in the events I’ve planned since, I have gained a lot of insight, and have the confidence in myself, to know I’d be a good asset to anyone planning any occasion.


• Weddings: From the engagement to the reception
• Birthday Parties
• Graduation Parties
• Anniversary Parties
• Baby Showers
• Fundraisers
• Corporate Events
• Religious Celebrations
• Funerals & Wakes
• Family Reunions
• Surprise Parties
• Holiday Parties
• Theme Parties
• Children’s Parties
• And much, much more!!!