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Ginta Semjonova

professional organizer

Ginta Semjonova

Toronto, ON

AllSpace: No task to small, no task too big!

Hello everyone,
My name is Ginta Semjonova and I am in early stages of creating my own Professional Organizer business.
To me an organized space is much more than just that. It not only creates a pleasant environment, it actually feels like home. Organized space organizes ones mind as well. It makes life more simple and stress-free and allows one to focus on things that are so important - family and friends!

While growing up, it always amazed me how I could find everything faster then my brothers and my friends. It was because organizing has always been a passion of mine. I could see how ones life can be so much easier just by being organized. I never thought that organizing could be something I could do for a living. It only stayed as a skill and a hobby for a long time until I learned that this can actually be something that I could do full time. My master degree in education, and having worked in a school and later as an au-pair and live-in caregiver, has given me a lot of experience in organizing and also experience with learning to work with all types of personalities.
I am also currently taking a Real Estate Salesperson’s course where I will be able to implement my organizational skills preparing property for sale. It comes to a full circle when you have a chance to work something from start to finish and both parties are pleased and satisfied.


- de-cluttering (pre-move; out of hand; hoarding)
- organizing small spaces (condos) and all size houses with realistic goals for long time maintenance (home offices - personalized filing systems; kitchens; living/dining rooms; closets; garages; basements; garden sheds; laundry rooms; craft rooms; children's rooms - with their involvement)
- organizing personal papers and documents
- down-sizing
- post- move unpacking and organizing
- proper disposal of items locally as environmentally friendly as possible