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Valentine Furniss

event planner, wedding planner

Valentine Furniss

Kennewick, WA

Hello, my name is Valentine. I am a student at the QC Event school, studying wedding and event planning. I am 20 years old and have been interested in event and wedding planning since I was about 13 or 14. I studied a semester at Washington State University in 2011, but decided it wasn't for me. I have a full time job right now as a receptionist. Much of what I do would translate easily into wedding and event planning. I take care of all the hectic scheduling, keep track of our products to make sure they arrive on time, and work with our customers face to face as well as on the phone. I have worked there for about a year and, although I love me job, I think it's time for me to look into what I want to do as a career.

I have experience in helping friends with weddings (decor, transportation, food, etc), but I have never been completely in charge of planning a wedding. Right now I am working for the first time with a couple to do just that. So far I have really enjoyed it. I love to, and am good at, coordinating plans and bringing creative ideas to the table. I am looking forward to continuing this career path.