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Celine David

makeup artist

Celine David

St Kilda, VIC

For any place there is a perfect face.

Whether you need a luscious look for an important night out or a creative and intriguing visage for your film, television or theatre production, MBC (Makeup by Celine) knows how to turn the bland into the beautiful and the beautiful into something totally unforgettable.

MBC applies its knowledge and experience in Visual Communication, Modern Art and Contemporary Design to the unique canvas of the human face. This allows for a makeup service that takes great pride in its work.

Celine David spent her formative years, in Milan, discovering her passion for art through constantly painting and drawing everything and anything she could. As a result, she became completely absorbed in the world of art and fashion that the city had to offer.

She explored this passion further when she expanded her creative scope by earning a degree in Visual Communication at Creapole, Paris. With a firm understanding of creative, visual practice, she still wanted more and decided to discover a different approach to art and communication. She achieved this by earning her graduate diploma in Communication Design from Swinburne, Melbourne.

After working as a web-designer for a number of years she made the decision to get back in touch with the human aspect of visual art. This is when she applied herself to learning more about being a Makeup artist, something familiar but also quite new and exciting.


Special occasion, i.e. fancy-dress parties, formal functions.
Television, Film and Media.
Still photography.