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Fe Marquez

event planner, wedding planner

Fe Marquez

Pickering, ON

Our company provides people with a great service, not only will they not regret picking us but they'll also enjoy the effort we put into the

Hi, my name is Fe Marquez I am retired nurse and upon my retirement, I realized that I have a great talent helping people come up with ideas to celebrate their parties and occasions.
What sparked my interest?
Before, I retired from being a nurse my boss, family, and coworkers would always call and appoint me to organize all our parties. Especially our annual Christmas party.

Why am I doing this right now?
I am motivated to do this business because, not only that I enjoy helping others but I also love the feeling that I make others happy when the events is successful.
Who are my inspirations?
My inspirations are the people who motivated me to start this course especially my family and friends.


Our company is delighted to help and provide our customers with an outstanding service by:
* providing them creative ideas
* efficient ways to celebrate parties and occasions through time management
* help calculate budget through their comfortable price range
* help them select a suitable venue
* come up with a great selection of food and beverage
* And most importantly our company provides a 24 hour assistance