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Fikile Florence Keswa

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Fikile Florence Keswa

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Give your Event a Wow Factor by creating an illusion in your Event Space. Effortless Colorful Events to make your Guest Buzz .

Be very welcome to our Wowmyevent website we are pleased to have you browse into our special website full of exciting and good news that around the corner you have specialist who can make your event happen without lifting your finger. We have a team of specialist event planning master minded by somebody who did training at a prestigious reputable qceventplanning training centre. Whatever event you are planning do not hesitate to contact us, we are event orientated we know how to make your guest buzz. We don't take any event for granted. We know how to take the hit of planning the event.

We have experienced team who have been part of successful fund raising, wedding of the year. We are the leading event planning company in north west, we known how to turn your bussiness around. Boost your profit by contacting us , we will promote your business and increase your customers. Boost the moral of your staff. Team building is part of what we do to ensure productivity of your business. We bring solution to unproductive companies and stagnant companies. We are a solution to poor relationships let Christmas be a great time to build the bridges between families and friends.


We pride in planning all sorts of events starting from Milestone Birthday parties, Wedding Planning, Wedding Anniversaries and Vow Renewals, Corporate Events including Team Building, Charity Events including Fund Raising, Religious Events, Cultural Events including Festival, Theme Parties, Dinner Parties Christmas Parties, New Year Parties. We are one phone call away to make your event happen. Don't hesitate to give us a bell on the above phone number.