Lori Harrison

professional organizer

Lori Harrison
Calgary, AB


I am a Professional Organizer. My organizing skills have started when I was very young. I was always helping friends clean and organize they bedrooms. My organizing skills have followed me to a full time desk job and was always asked to help out. I became a Professional Organizer to help people enjoy they homes and lives.


Professional Organizing and balance the energy in your homes.


I was referred to Lori Harrison because of her organizing skills. Lori came to my house and organized my chaotic home after I experienced a flood in the basement. She was very professional and helped immensely. While having my basement re-done, I had to have all of my belongings brought upstairs into my dining room, bedrooms, garage, etc. (while having a new sump pump, new carpets, drywall, etc. installed) and it was such a relief to put my house back into its proper state...Lori helped me go through closets, bedrooms, and re-designed my rumpus room. Thank you Lori for such a great job!

Cyndee McElhinney