Melissa Gozzard

makeup artist

Melissa Gozzard
Peterborough, ON

Hi, my name is Melissa i am 21 years old and i love makeup!
Everyone is beautiful but they may not feel it, that's where i come into play. I don't use makeup to hide who you really are, i use makeup to enhance your natural beauty.

Everyone is beautiful in there own way.

I currently work part time at a local nursing home as a Dietary Aide, I also volunteer there on my days off so i can help the residence. I want each and every person in the nursing home to feel special and loved.
I used to be extremely shy, then i met Eric. He has made me come out of my shell and become the person i am today. He is part of the reason i am finally taking this course and putting my self out there.


-Waxing facial hair
- Shaping eye brows
- Natural makeup application

More to come as i do this course :)