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Nicole Kessler

makeup artist

Nicole Kessler

Coral Springs, FL

When fantasy becomes reality~

Hello my name is Nicole and I am enrolled in QC Makeup Academy! :)

From a young age, I have always been very artistic and creative. I have always loved makeup and experimenting with different colors and styles.

I believe that makeup artistry will help me accomplish many goals in my future, such as my dream careers.

One of my dreams is to get into the fashion industry. Like Betsey Johnson, I would love to create my own fashion line, and have fashion shows. I would also do the models hair and makeup for the fashion shows. The designs that I would hope to create would be very bold and dramatic.

Another career idea of mine is to get into video game design! I know it doesn't have a lot to do with makeup, but you need to be artistic and creative in both makeup and game design. Certain types of makeup, like unique and fantasy styles, can help inspire me in designing different looks of characters.


Hair and makeup!

I am willing to do any service.

I love doing dramatic and colorful runway looks.
I can also do natural makeup if needed.

Preferably able to work in the Coral Springs area, but willing to travel up to a 30 minuet drive if necessary.