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Shades and Hues

Marimel Napiza

makeup artist

Marimel Napiza

Fairfield, CA

I prefer doing makeup looks that I, myself can wear everyday without shame. A makeup look that transcends confidence.

Makeup is both a science and an art. It embodies one’s curiosity on how each product works with the skin chemistry and at the same time, it enhances creativity through shades of colors and blending...creating a Masterpiece!

Being an artist is an innate nature for me. I am fascinated with how different hues and shades create a beautiful subject. I crave for knowledge and so I’ve studied and practiced Master Makeup Artistry to further enhanced my skills. On top of having a full time career…I am doing freelance Makeup on my free time.


Portrait Makeup, Events (Anniversary, Prom, Weddings, Graduation, Fashion Events, Gala) and Makeovers