Kristy Shanks

event planner

Kristy Shanks
McKinney, TX

Go Big, Go Better, Go Premium!

I am a girl whose passion is for planning and creating events! This passion first started when my mother and aunt would throw these elaborate themed birthday parties for me and my brother, they dressed up and decorated the entire house and everyone played along! as I grew older I always remembered these events as they created some of the best memories I have. I then helped my mother plan a huge surprise theme party for my cousin and saw the joy it brought to them and brought back so many memories. I had so much fun planning this event that I knew I wanted to make a career out of it! I'm very energetic and a perfectionist, and most importantly determined to make your events dreams come true!

I've taken my passion for event planning and attended QC Event Planning School, I also work in Erchonia Corporation's marketing and planning department, I’ve organized tradeshows and seminars and planned our Annual Golf Tournaments, Summer Parties, and Holiday Parties! I have a large variety of resources such as in restaurants, venues, hotels, Dj Service, and Transportation (Bus, Limo's, Van's) that we have known and worked with for years!


Planning and Coordinating: Events
Example: Golf Tournaments, New Year’s Parties, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries.

Planning and Coordinating: Transportation
Example: Arranging for Hotels, Buses, Taxi Service, Limo’s, Flight Travel

Planning and Coordinating: Décor’

Planning and Coordinating: Catering

Planning and Coordinating: Meetings, Tradeshows, Seminars