Katelyn Sabbagh

event planner, wedding planner

Katelyn Sabbagh
Windham, NH

I'm here to make all of your dreams a reality when it comes to your wedding or a special event!

My name is Katelyn Sabbagh, and I am excited about the world of event and wedding planning! I intend to make this my career at a future date and I fully intend to do my very best! I enjoy working with people and I am looking forward to help plan some amazing events that will leave everyone who attends in awe!

I am a student at the moment so I still have some time before my business is off of the ground. I look forward to learning anything i possibly can in this field so that i will be the best that i can. I will form a great client base and will not let anyone down.


I will plan events and weddings and offer some insite to different environmetns and certainly creativety!