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Brandelyn Cameron

feng shui consultant

Brandelyn Cameron

Ottawa, ON

eco-design, feng shui, ottawa green design, ottawa eco-friendly decorator

Cameron Design Co. provides interior decorating and sustainable design consultations for the eco-savvy home owner looking to enhance their interior space while respecting the natural environment.​

Brandelyn M. Cameron is a talented design professional, passionate about preserving the natural environment with every design project. She is committed to the principles of sustainable design and has completed several ‘Green Building’ professional development courses after receiving her Diploma in Interior Design in 2011.
Dedicated to enhancing her design knowledge, Brandelyn is currently completing a professional designation as an Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional (AFSD).


Our Services:
• Evaluating Spaces and Colour Basics
• Sustainable Design Alternatives
• Minimizing, Decluttering & Organization
• Lighting & Accessorizing
• Fabric Selection & Window Treatments
• Floor Coverings

We believe in:
• Achieving sustainable environmental outcomes with integrity
• Respect for both the built and natural environments
• Healthy, durable and economically viable homes
• A holistic - systems based - approach to building
• Accessibility to a broad audience
• Influencing change to add value and transform the built environment