Amy Martinese

event planner

Amy Martinese
Portsmouth, NH

Helping to make all your special occasions an event to remember..

After many years as a small business owner I have planned many events for my business. I have decided to take my knowledge and organizational skills to help others with their Special Occasions and Events. I believe that with strong communication and insight into my clients that every event can be a work of art.

After attending college for Business Administration, I opened my own hair salon in 1999. While I ran my own business and have planned events ranging from the Salon Opening to our Annual Halloween Party. Within my Salon I also hosted many events for clients and Charity Benefits. I am also an experienced Hair Stylist which allows me to work closely with clients expectations and visions. I believe all my past experience will mesh perfectly with the Event Planning world and allow me to help you fulfill all your visions for your event.


Here is just a list of some services I can provide for you:

Client Consultation to Discuss the Theme of your Event
Research different locations and find the perfect Venue
Help decide the date and time available for your Venue
Prepare and Send Invitations
Choose Decorations and Theme
Choose Party Favors
Choose a Catering Service
Choose a Photographer/Video of Event
Choose a DJ or Band
Tent Rentals / Chair and Tables for Event