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Neelam Pillay

makeup artist

Hey there all you beautiful people!

As a Professional and Certified Make Up Artist, this has always been something I've had a passion for many years. At an early age I have been impressed by make up and the many wonders it can do for you. Family and friends would always ask me to do an application for them before a special event and I was very flattered knowing they trusted and saw an artist in me. I took their advice and shortly after graduating high school, In the same year I attended Karin Shoji Make Up Vancouver school where I studied beginner, advanced, and intermediate levels of make up artistry. So with having an entrepreneurial mind and goals of having my own studio in the future, I decided to freelance after becoming a make up artist.

Growing up, I have learned that there are many purposes and techniques used in the make up industry and the biggest advice to play by is that make up is used to enhance what you already have, not to change and take away from your natural beauty. Every day is a new look, you never know what to except as there are no rules or boundaries.


Make up art + eyelash application
My services include make up for photography and specializing for any special occasion