Shannon Brown

wedding planner

Shannon Brown
Eugene, OR


I create unique events tailored made to fit the couple or the feel of that special day. I like to incorporate as much fun into the events as possible, because the really great memories lay in the smiles of our loved ones. I think every bride deserves their own fairytale and every groom deserves a happy bride. I embrace the challenge of creating unique and fun events at affordable prices and think that just because you may not be able to afford top dollar prices, doesn't mean you don't deserve top dollar service.

I am 24 years old and have been planning weddings since I was 4. At least in my own mind, but it wasn't until recently that have been certified by the QC School of Wedding Planning as a designated Wedding Planner. I embrace the challenge of creating a unique event on a very realistic budget. You shouldn't have to go into debt to make your fairytale come true, and that is where I come in. I have planned weddings for various family members in a variety of settings, from a Las Vegas Drive through, to a yacht wedding in the British Virgin Islands. I have also created events for friends, ranging from surprise birthday parties to an extravagent southern wedding. While each event was unique, they did all have one thing in common: High Quality serivce at affordable prices.


I offer a variety of services from Consultations for the bride and groom that want to plan their own wedding and just need a little jump start, to full day assistance.