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Paulette Kurfurst

interior redesigner

Paulette Kurfurst

Toronto, ON

Just Suggestions

I am the co-owner of Just Suggestions and for the past 10 years I have been an executive assistant to custom home builders and a home marketing company. Interior Redesigning has been my interest for many years and with a questionable economy I have decided to start my own business and focus on an affordable way for clients to refurbish their homes.

Just Suggestions is a company that will provide you an inexpensive way to redesign your living space with possessions you already have along with purchased items. I will suggest ways to update and improve your living space at a cost effective price well below the rate of an Interior Designer. Reorganizing a room can change the feel, look, and flow of the room by using your furniture and accessories you already have. It can be as simple as reorganizing furniture, prints and adding a new paint colour or light fixture.

Just Suggestions is an up and coming business that will offer comprehensive redesign services for homes, stores and offices. This business will assist those that want the help in redesign and develop a basic design concept of their projects. Our company will offer the ability for clients to use their existing and purchased furniture and accessories which will create the design. We can improve the flow and function by rearranging furniture, lighting and accessories. We will advise the clients on what changes that need to be made through de-cluttering, rearranging furniture and space utilization.


Just Suggestions allows you to achieve an Interior Designer look at a fraction of the cost. We do colour consultation, personal shopping and curb appeal. If you want to make your space feel bigger, create a new mood or just feel that your colours don’t reflect your personality, then our consultation services is for you. We will bring paint chips and help you with your colour selection for your home. If you don’t have the time we will shop for you and if you have time we will shop with you. We can help with finding the right items to makeover your home to give your home a new look.

The consulting rate is on an hourly based for design proposal and expediting the design proposal is based on a fixed cost. The initial consultation is free. This gives the client the opportunity to discuss the client’s ideas and design thoughts, view our portfolio and enquire about our services in detail. This also allows Just Suggestions to evaluate the client’s requirements and to see how much involvement the client would like to have on the project.

Once the client makes the decision to use Just Suggestions, we will source and select every element for their design which reflects their personality. The design hours and time spent sourcing and selecting elements, a written report on what room they want to redesign, their wants and needs and two concept drawing of what I think would work based on the initial consult is based on a hourly rate. Once the client approves the report and want to go ahead with the project, I will then do a fee proposal of what the job will cost. Expediting the design will be a fixed cost.