Helene Bergeron

event planner, wedding planner

Helene Bergeron
Azilda, ON

Our commitment... a professional, bilingual,friendly service to ensure your day is everything you want it to be. Relax, Smile & Enjoy!

About Hélène

My name is Hélène Bergeron.
I have worked in the retail industry for most of my life and always took pride in offering customer service that goes the extra mile. Now being a single event owner/operator my customer is going to be you and to you, my time and dedication will be devoted.

I have perfected my skills by becoming a QC Event School certified planner and is now working hard to build a name and a reputation of excellence for my enterprise.

Attending several weddings, corporate functions or theme events I noticed that brides wants more, corporate leaders are too busy, people are tired and stressed.

Naturally incline to be an organizer I made the decision to put these talents to good use.
I have several events behind me and wish nothing more but to add hundreds to the list.
Being a people person and a family oriented gal, I understand how important these specials moments are to you. I know for a fact that you only have one chance to make that day memorable but time is not always on your side. I have chosen to devote my time to event and wedding planning because I believe everyone deserve to have memories to cherish and a feeling of accomplishment.

Let me be the tool that makes the difference!


I offer exceptional, professional and personalized service. I work with you to make your celebration fun and memorable. I integrate your unique style in a way that makes the party uniquely yours.

Since I am a single owner/operator you can be assured of nothing but the best.

The bottom line is, I do what ever it takes to make your party a success by going above and beyond your expectations, I am flexible to your various needs. From a single consultation to full event planning, I am there for you so you don't have to worry about anything.

I am insured with both property and liability insurance. Once you have had an opportunity to view my web site, you can call or email me anytime if you have any questions or if you would like to set up an appointment.