Khiana Coram

event planner

Khiana Coram
Washington, DC

Evolving Event Planning Services " Affordable Worry Free Event Planning Services"

Evolving Event Planning Services is the premiere full-service event-design, planning and management for small or large events in the Washington, D.C. area. Our services includes, but not limited to, Life Events including, Weddings, Religious events, Graduations, Children’s Celebrations, Milestones and any event you would like to celebrate!! We also provide services for Corporate events, Meetings & Team Building Retreats!!
EEPS was built on the foundation of ability to anticipate our client's varied and diverse needs, the creativity to work within any budget and our extensive experience equals effective accomplishment of client goals and missions. Our goal is to offer organizations and individuals access to affordable, full-service meeting and event-planning solutions.
Learning the ins and outs of the event business and collaborating with experience professionals have allowed the team at EEPS to make each event the most complete experience possible for its clients.
Our clients are our inspiration, and the details that go into the events we design, plan and manage ( no matter how big or small) are extremely important to us. Our customized and personalized service assists clients in the designing, planning and management process one step at a time. This allows our clients to never feel overwhelmed; we instill calmness and order in our clients as we design, plan and manage their special occasions.

About Me:“Passion combined with inspiration is the driving force behind my creativity."

• Graduate of QC Event School 2013
• Certified International Event Planning Professional (IEPP)

After being in the medical field for over ten years I realized that my passion for helping people needed to change to a happier scene! During my years working I always Loved when we would have seminars, staff parties, employee week and anything to do with group events! I had to be there on time to capture every moment. I remember wishing I was the one who put the smiles on the faces and caused an enjoyable relaxed event!

Being a mom and seeing the joy on my daughters face,( and her guest) when I threw her parties has also inspired me to do the same for others! I wanted to create an affordable business that could capture memorable moments for special occasions.

Many people organize their own parties and wish they had either added more to the occasion, or are too stressed out to even enjoy it. I’ve seen it time and time again.
Although I am new to the business, I will bring a fresh approach to each and every event that I am hired for. I have personal relationship with many venders; they will work with me to create whatever needs you may have. I will make sure and guarantee superior service, how else would I build my cliental? Word of mouth creates success!


EEPServices will provide you with superior event planning services for your next special occasion. Services include;

Finding your venue
Catering Services
DJ Services
Children’s Entertainment
Affordable Packages for All levels of events
Organizing & Planning
Tear down/Clean up Opts
And most special request that are not listed!!

Evolving Event Planning Services specializes in Milestone Events.

How about having a photo booth at your event, friends and family can capture the moments instantly!! Finding the right venue and providing worry free services for your special occasion is our priority!
Most likely you don't have that kind of time to do all that research and negotiations. Also you get the benefit of the planners’ connections, we've had months or even years to build a preferred vendor list and know who has what. For example; when you’re planning an event, whether it’s big or small, doing everything yourself is a very, very big job. And it gets stressful. As soon as you hire an event planner, you can breathe. You can step back, regroup, focus on the things you know the most about, and get a lot of work done. Because someone else is handling the details of the event itself, you can be more productive on the things you do best.
You’d think because you have to pay the event planner, you’re spending more money, right? Not so. Once your planner knows what your budget is (and how strict you are about sticking to it), she/he can work with vendors to save you money on many different things.

Not convinced, Here are 7 reason why you should use an event planner!

1) There are not enough hours in the day to devote the time and energy necessary to pull off the kind of event you want. You don’t have to do this by yourself, let an event planner help you.
2) Your event will be a one-time or once-in-a-lifetime experience. You get one chance to make a first and lasting impression.
3) A good event planner can save you money. Events planners know which suppliers to use and how to negotiate. As a professional, your event planner will often have access to discounts and deals.
4) An event planner will manage all the details and carry the burden of getting the event right.
5) An event planner takes your place in the kitchen warming food or preparing trays. Your place is with your guests.
6) An event planner is your “successful event” insurance. A good event planner develops a sixth sense anticipating things before they happen and prevents the problem. If problems do occur your event planner will stay calm, cool and collected to save the day and you’ll never even know there was a crisis.
7) People want enjoyment, stimulation and meaningful fun. They want something different. An event planner can provide that memorable difference.
Your guests Memories of your event will last long after you have forgotten what you paid...