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Claire Ansell

home stager, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Claire Ansell


Staging is the smartest move you will ever make - let me help you sell your home fast or redesign it so beautifully you never want to leave!

I am 35 years old and mum to Holly, 2 years old. I am happily married to Nick who supports me in all my endeavours, luckily for me. I have been doing 'makeovers' ever since I was a child and my poor mum frequently used to come home from work to find all the furniture rearranged. My determination to want to make a room 'feel' right runs through my core. In addition to this QC diploma in Home Staging and Redesign I have also broadened my skills in other areas. Last year I passed the foundation exam in DSDM Atern project management. The previous year I achieved a distinction in a City & Guilds Contemporary Floristry module. Both of these compliment 15 years working as an Executive PA within the banking industry and my previous experience as an estate agent. Creativity and practicality have now merged to help me fulfil my lifelong ambition.

After receiving compliments from others that I should be doing this professionally I am finally listening! I find true joy in waking up to a well organised, functional and beautiful home and want to help others achieve this. After all, once we have this we have more time for the other more important things in life.

I am currently working on renovating my fourth house thus I have real hands-on experience in how to create, visualise and budget projects from start to finish plus plenty of knowledge of tradesman, timings and order of works. During my time as an estate agent I learnt how to price a property accurately, about seasonal trends and discovered first hand just how home staging really is an incredible tool for adding thousands to the sale price of your home - and conversely how poor presentation and marketing can prevent many buyers from walking through the door in the first place. I fully understand the pitfalls of the sales process (complicated in England) and how to minimise these by targeting the right buyers, selling at the right price and how to achieve the highest number of offers on your property.


Distance Consultations
Via email pictures and written feedback analysis with DIY staging instructions.

Home staging
Consultations on the whole property to determine the level of work required to maximise buyers and offers. Written advice for carrying the work out yourself or the work can be managed and carried out to your specification and budget.

Property Consultations
Renovate? Sell? Rent out? a new Buy to Let? Advice on the myriad of options and practical guidance on house buying and selling specific to your location. Consideration given to current market conditions and your personal financial constraints and goals for the future. How to work out the true cost of selling and buying to maximise profits. Insider secrets on estate agents and how to manage them during stressful times. Guidance on how to sell your home privately and save paying estate agents sellers fees.

Decluttering & Storage Solutions
Many people are reluctant to let go of unnecessary possessions and to throw things away. It is incredibly common to blame the property citing it as 'not having enough room or storage' or to not find the time to carry this out. My ethos is that without regular 'detox' sessions at home possessions can quickly escalate and take over to the point where they hinder your daily life. I can help you work through your issues whilst implementing practical solutions to help solve a real or perceived lack of space. Never underestimate the power of tidy and clean to help you glide through daily life. This is especially relevant if you want to sell your home - you know the mantra: Declutter Declutter Declutter. I can show you how!

Interior redesign
Is your home half-finished? Have you tried to create a scheme but can't put your finger on why you don't like the room or why it doesn't look like you imagined? Would you like one room with the WOW factor? Whatever your situation together we can create the kind of home that makes you feel amazing every day instead of stressed out and chaotic. Whether it be decluttering or perhaps revamping old furniture I can utilise my expertise to enhance the tiniest of spaces and to suit the smallest of budgets. Interior redesign is not about starting from scratch, it is about making the best of what you have with savvy purchases and, of course, having the trained eye to visualise where the changes need to be made, be it structural or just new furniture placement and a few accessories.