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Katelyn Tumpane

event planner, wedding planner

Katelyn Tumpane

Chicago, IL

I hope to make your special day a magical one!

My name is Katelyn Tumpane and I am 23 years old. I found my passion for event planning in 2009, in my past I have had some event planning experience such as birthday and anniversary planning for friends and relatives. I enjoy the responsibilities and creating an event that everyone will enjoy while they don't have to stress over the hassle that comes with any event. I have a determination for event planning unlike anything I have ever encountered in my life. I have tried different career opportunities however I did not enjoy them as much as I enjoy planning an event for people I care about.

I am currently in school getting certified for event and wedding planning from QC. I have experience from planning previous events for friends and family, I enjoy planning these events to cater to each unique individual on a personal scale. I decided to attend QC to learn more about my passion; I look forward to advancing while learning more about event and wedding planning. I am learning first-hand experience of what it takes to be a wedding planner, while making sure everything goes according to plan that is set. The responsibility is enormous because both the bride and groom have set out for this magical day for some time and it is my job to make sure it is less stressful on both parties.


The services I offer for events are birthday, retirement, anniversary and holiday parties. When a client comes to me with an event idea I normally sit down with them and get a brief description of their ideas and what they are looking for. For example, a friend wanted to plan a birthday party at a local stadium and she wanted to go to a baseball game. She needed transportation, reasonable tickets, food and drinks. I was able to get a deal for the tickets, food and drinks while also providing a discount for the transportation because I was able to fill the bus with family and friends. In the end, the event went very smoothly and successfully as people we're able to eat and drink in a patio area while sitting in the outfield with a great view of the game