Testimonials for Kelly Estes

"I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to come out to my parents house and do makeup for all of the girls! It looked amazing and I was beyond happy with mine as well! You have such a great talent and I received so many compliments and have already referred to you to more brides I know. I thought it was so nice of you to let me have a few trial runs with you, it was great to know that you wanted to make sure I was happy with everything and willing to make any changes, which you had me sold on day one! I would love to have you do makeup for any future events and again you have an amazing talent and I feel honored that you were able to do makeup for my wedding! Thank you!!!"

Dyanna Hicks

"Kelly is fantastic! She applied a "red carpet" look which made me feel confident to meet and greet industry personnel. She also helped design my audition look which gives me a natural glow and brings the focus to my eyes. It's just one more helpful trick to get the job. I am so thankful for her!"

Jennifer Ackerley

"I was so scared of makeup and i thought I was never going to a person that ever wore makeup but Kelly made it feel so natural and easy, she eases my fears, answers any questions, makes anything happen, and always make me look beautiful."

Melanie Kondziolka

"I worked with Kelly in the theatre production of Sweeney Todd in which she transformed my face nightly into something from beyond the crypt. She has an ability to look at you and know just exactly how to brighten your face or create drama based on your facial features."

Maria Quezada-Gallardo

"I ask Kelly to do my makeup every chance I get! She is so versatile; she always knows what look is best for what occasion. I’ve had her do my makeup for musicals and costume parties, for an evening out, and even a simple day at work. I LOVE her creativity! When I have Kelly do my makeup, not only do I know that she will make me look beautiful, but I know that no one else will have the same look as I do. It’s that little extra something that we all look for, and Kelly’s got it!"

Dianna Holgate