Alyssa Meyer

makeup artist

Alyssa Meyer
Toronto, ON

"All the World's a Stage" - William Shakespeare

Alyssa is finishing off her Master Makeup Artistry with QC Makeup Academy. She has an extensive background in the arts. Previously attending university for Theatre Production, she decided to switch to Gender and Women’s Studies at York University. Wanting to continue with her love for the arts, she hopes to merge her makeup education with her passion for gender rights.

Being heavily involved with Toronto’s LGBT+ community, Alyssa understands that makeup sometimes comes with many social implications to take into consideration. Aware of the vulnerabity and respectful of the trust clients put in their Makeup Artists, Alyssa ensures that client control, awareness and communication is top priority. Alyssa values makeup as one of many forms of self expression. Makeup is also a tool of empowerment. Alyssa puts her clients in charge of the experience and meets them at whatever their comfort level is.


Day and Evening