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Carolyn Guillory

event planner, wedding planner

Carolyn Guillory

Stockton, CA

CeGeTheMoment Event and Wedding Planner

CeGeTheMoment Event Planning is newly innovative non-profit event planning company seeking prospective customers who are looking foreward to a well organize company setting its goals of building memorable milestones.

I began this company on a volunteer basis with Dillards department store for my local Church. As it turned Dillards made a verbal agreement with me to return at any moment to comtinue this relationship to build community outreach events. Dillards sales have increased from that relationship.


The services that CeGeTheMoment Event Planning includes (but not limited to): weddings, graduations vacations, fashion shows, memorable services, sport events, bridal/brides maids events, bridegroom events casino events, corporate events. I am a newly energetic planner willing to negotiate my fees due to my experience. Volunteering is welcomed to ensure potential customers I am willing to paid what I am worth and if volunteering will help me get a foot into the door then that is what I will do.


As General Manager of Dillards department store, "I have never seen anyone so well organized. Have you planned an event before?" Would you like to plan another event for us in the near future?

Jeff Marsh Dillards

"We have seen your level of skills, interpersonals skills, and organizational skills. Therefore, we the Church, expect you to go bigger next time"

Elder Penni McConnell VIP Church

"I can't wait to see what you have planned for the Churches next event"

Pastor Derrek Satchel VIP Church