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Denise Jones-Rasmussen
Aarhus, Denmark
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move-in-ready staging and redesign;
Taking your property from sitting to sold!

Former native of Pennsylvania, USA; A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Aarhus University, Denmark and The QC Design School, Ontario, in Psychology, Business Studies and Professional Staging and Redesign respectively. I have been able to parlay my knowledge and skills in these multifaceted yet complementary fields, together with my previous 7 years of Business Administration experience, into an exciting property staging career – employing both sound business and esthetic principles to help make the desire for a maximum return on your investment a reality!


Are you ready to realize maximum value for you property and sell faster?

Move-in-ready staging and redesign operates on the simple principle that attractive sells. In a challenging sellers’ market where choices for potential buyers seem unlimited, we are dedicated to our mission: To move your property from the sidelines and into the competition; taking it from sitting to sold!


We are the only business in the area wholly committed to redesign and staging of for-sale properties. We understand your need to get the best return on investment and will work tirelessly to create a finished, welcoming space for the widest possible audience.

Our professionals know what motivates people to choose one product over another. By combining the creation of visual appeal with an understanding of the target market, we apply principles of the décor- marketing- consumer psychology dynamic to effectively reach buyers.

Although we work primarily with your existing furnishings and accessories, we are equipped to provide a range of products for purchase or rent which add both functionality and decorative accents. Additionally, we are as enthusiastic about re-purposing time-worn pieces as we are about facilitating design updates.

Move-in-ready staging and redesign’s marketing strategy emphasizes the necessity of gaining a competitive edge in a buyers’ market. By contracting our services, not only is this guaranteed, but in the process, we offer exceptional personalized service tailored to reflect your vision and budget.

Furthermore, while geared at maximizing the value of the your product, we are versatile enough to be able to take on the re-creation of spaces after sale – lending the assurance of our expertise as a value-added selling point for you, while relieving you of the responsibility.

We know that selling your home can be an overwhelming experience, both emotionally and time wise; so leave the work to us! With careful planning, preparation and execution, we will transform your property to realize its maximum value !

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move-in-ready staging and redesign
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