Jessica Barry

event planner, wedding planner

Jessica Barry

Unique and creative event and wedding planning, with service that is desired.

A Business that plans events in private and corporate and weddings. I have fresh new ideas that will bring something new to the field that people are wishing to do and try out on their next event. As the sole owner of the business I will be over seeing every part of the planning, making sure that everything is perfect and going by step by step every part of the planning with you.

I have recently taken part in the IEWP qualification and enjoyed every course unit of the course and learning allot to ensure I give and provide the best events I possibly can.
Whilst growing up and passing milestone events with my family and friends, such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. I was always asked to take charge and plan the events, as I had been working along side big events in the side lines.
I love to work with people and also to please people and make a good impression.


As the sole owner and organiser of my business I will be at every appointment that you need me for. I want to be a part of every step of the event to make sure that im doing my all in the job. At first we will have a client consultation where I can understand and an get a feel of the event you wish to create and the criteria and how I can put my own spin and creative ideas to the event, during this time we will go over numbers and my pricing. From then on I will make it less stressful for you and have an enjoyable time planning the event. I will be at every meeting and the final event to make sure everything goes to plan and in case if there is any hick-ups during the day to sort them out professionally.
Also being based in London I can offer you the best of the best to venues, caterers, entertainment and unique decorations. This will be sure that your event is certainly different.