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Aimee Guido

professional organizer

Aimee Guido

New Westminster, BC

2 Steps Forward - No Steps Back

Do you wish there were more hours in the day to get everything done? Clutter in the home or office can make life chaotic and overwhelming.

Can you visualize knowing what you have and knowing where everything is? Achieve a sense of calm knowing that you will be able to easily locate what you are looking for as you rush out the door. Imagine how refreshing it would be to start your work day with a clean organized desk, and just think of what you will accomplish.

I have a love for organizing!

I am here to help you realize new habits that will make the motto “a place for everything and everything in its place” become a reality.

There's a lot of emotion attached to our belongings, which makes us hold onto more than we really need. To start, you will learn how to detach from excess "stuff". Together, we can achieve that by assessing the value of your belongings. De-cluttering and optimizing space leads to time saved and reduced stress.

Together, we will address each space, and / or focus on the most important room, and then work toward a cleaner, calmer, more organized space. No judgements!

Having worked in retail and operations management for over 15 years, I found joy in merchandising my stores while developing and implementing new organizational systems. I find myself continually visualizing and asking: How can I organize each room I enter? Clearly, I needed to pursue a path into the wonderful world of professional organizing.

As a qualified P.O. my goal is helping people function more comfortably and efficiently in an attractive, organized space. We start by assessing what you have and what is worth keeping. We then divide possessions into categories and decide what room they belong in based on the items use. I will work with you to implement a system that suits the way you think and the way you live, while respecting your ideas and life style.


Home and Office Organization - Identifying and adopting new habits when handling your possessions and gaining the confidence to obtain control.

De-Cluttering - Sorting through possessions - what to keep and what to get rid of and most importantly, devising a maintainable organizational system.

Downsizing - Asking key questions when assessing possessions - When was the last time it was used? Am I keeping it with a feeling of obligation? Will it be more useful to someone else?

Storage Planning - Developing clever storage strategies and ensuring that only true "keepers" are stored.

Schedule Planning - Working on systems that are attainable and suit your thought patterns and life style.

Move in / Move out Services - Packing of household items, with special attention to precious and fragile pieces. Strategic placing of all house hold and personal items. Moving can be overwhelming - initially implementing organized and comprehensive systems will ensure a head start on maintenance.

Recycling, Donating and Junk Removal - You should only have to make a decision once. I can remove items for you or arrange to have them removed promptly.

Contact me for a consultation to evaluate your objectives and how we can work together to achieve a refreshed, serene, and organized space.


I have collected much "stuff" over the years, especially in a room in the basement that I called "The Chamber of Horrors". It was very difficult to gain access to that room. I called Aimee to help me make sense of the mess. More than organization was necessary. After several trips to the garbage dump, library and second hand stores, the room looks great and livable. She placed a double bed and arranged the rest of the furniture around the room. Now the "Chamber of Horrors" is an available guest bedroom, but it is also equipped for ironing and folding clean clothes from the laundry room, that she also helped to clean and organize. I feel very grateful that Aimee did all this work for me and I hope she will come back to help me organize and clean the rest of the rooms in my house.

Carmen Montory

Aimee Guido has been very valuable to me on numerous occasions. In 3 separate circumstances she has helped with determining what was still needed and going to be moved to my new home, what was going to be put in storage, what should be sold or donated and what should be tossed out. She even helped pack my “keeper” items safely in boxes so they would survive travel (not one thing broke or was damaged). In my new home, she helped maximize the storage space and was able to fit more in than I previously thought I had room for. Her assistance allowed me to fully appreciate the value of what I did and did not need. She was able to help disconnect the emotional attachment I had to my things. I was able to rid myself of so much unnecessary "stuff". I feel much less burdened or weighed down and I'm also saving money that I used to spend on storage.

Sarah Buckley

I really appreciated the help that Aimee provided for me in my apartment. I am a new mom and I live in a tiny downtown apartment. She helped me downsize my "stuff", specifically my clothes and the most amazing thing was that she took it all away to the donation bin for me. It was so helpful to have a fresh perspective on all of my things - so much easier to have the help deciding what to keep and what to get rid of and then to reorganize what was left so that my space functioned better.

Lora Davis